Green velvet | Katarina Stefanović

Snowy Stare (by Drekisath)

Here’s a scene from the Trojan War that’s not that well known. Two figures clash either side of an unusual looking lump. The lump in question is a mound representing an altar to Apollo and on it’s left is Achilles, facing him on the right is Hector.
What’s interesting is the small object on the end of Achilles’ spear - a head.This head belongs to Troilus, a younger brother of Hector and Achilles is taunting him with it.
According to various myths Achilles killed Troilos after he escaped to an altar of Apollo (which should have given him safety). Achilles ignored this and killed him, angering Apollo. The result of this was Apollo’s assistance to Paris which resulted in the fatal arrow-shot to Achilles’ heel.
The vase is by the Timiades Painter and dates to the mid 6th century BCE. Also by this artist was the similarly gruesome sacrifice of Polyxena. Both these images really hit home, the Trojan war was a truly brutal affair.

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